How to Run Mixmosa Events

How to Run a Mixmosa Event

Step One

Before the Event

We'll ship a Hosting Kit to your location. It has everything you need to run the event!

Step Two

What's the Headcount?

Three hours before the event, we'll let you know the final headcount and how many seats will be needed.

Step Three

Getting Started

Start setting everything up at least 30 minutes before the event begins (so that guests arriving early know where to go). Set up takes less than 10 minutes.

(If this is your first event, we'll have a Mixmosa representative there in-person to help out!)

Step Four

Set up the Tables

We provide you with plastic "table numbers" that let guests know where they should be for each date. (For example, we may assign Alice and Bob to start at table number 1). We'll let you know how many numbers you'll need to use for the event.

Here's how to set things up:

Place the numbers on the tables. Each number should have two seats next to it. Space out the numbers so that each couple can have a private conversation.

Step Five

Set up the Signs

We'll provide you with some Mixmosa signs to help guests find the event easily and feel confident that they’re in the right place.

Step Six

Set up the Audio

Guests need to know when each speed dating round ends so that they can rotate tables for their next round. We'll send you a speaker that will "ring" a bell at the right times.

(You can use your own speaker system instead, if you'd like)

Here's how to set things up:

1. Place the speaker near the tables so that all guests will be able to clearly hear it. Plug it into an outlet using the USB cable so that it stays charged for the whole event.

2. Connect the speaker to the provided MP3 player using the AUX cable. Plug the MP3 player into an outlet using the USB cable so that it stays charged for the whole event.

(If you'd prefer, you can use your own phone to play the audio instead of the MP3 player. Connect your phone to the speaker via Bluetooth. Make sure your phone is silenced, fully charged, and within 10 feet of the speaker. The audio tracks are available here.)

3. Select the appropriate audio track on the MP3 player. For example, if you've set up 10 table numbers, you'll select the "10 Table Numbers" track on the device. Test the the speaker to check that everything works. Make sure it's loud enough that everyone will be able to clearly hear the bells!

4. After testing the audio and volume on the speaker, make sure to reset the track to the beginning so you're ready to start the event.

Step Seven

Start the Event!

Start the event 10 minutes after the “official” start time so that people have enough time to arrive, grab a drink, and get settled. Don't start the event later than this - people start getting antsy.

(For example, if an event officially begins at 7pm, start the event at 7:10pm sharp.)

Here’s how to start the event:

1. Get everyone's attention (ring the provided bell), and make an announcement: “Everyone that’s here for the Mixmosa Speed Dating event, we’re going to get started! Make your way to your first table.”

2. Play the appropriate audio track on the MP3 device (or your phone).

Step Eight

After the Event

Power off the speaker and MP3 device and charge them so they're ready to go for the next event. Put the table numbers, signs, bell, speaker, MP3 player, and cables back into the box.

Guests will rate their experience at your location on a 5-star scale. If they had a good time, we'll be in touch about scheduling future events!

Questions? Suggestions?