Host Mixmosa Events

Hosting a Mixmosa Speed Dating Event Brings 14 - 30 Customers to your Bar or Coffee Shop.

Here's How it Works

Step One

Pick a Date

Mixmosa events can be run on any day of the week, but tend to work best on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Events usually run about one to two hours.

Step Two

We Promote Your Bar

We’ll get folks interested in attending the event by promoting your location through our advertising network. We’ll keep you posted on estimated headcount as people sign up, but expect between 14 - 30 guests.

Step Three

Host the Event

Mixmosa events run themselves and take less than 10 minutes to set up. We'll provide you with everything you need. And we'll have a Mixmosa representative at your first event to help!

How to Run an Event
Step Four

Rinse & Repeat

Guests rate their experience after each event. The better their ratings, the more Mixmosa events we'd love to schedule at your location!

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